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With Tech 915's pick-up and drop-off  technology repair service; having your computer repaired could not be easier or more convenient. We will happily pick up your device from your home or office and drive it back to our shop to be serviced. We will then work on it and return it when our work is complete.

Hi I'm Chris; and I am an electronics nerd. I found my passion for electronics when I was very young; I just didnt know it at the time. Having the need to tear down the broken VCR in order to get my favorite TMNT VHS in ( lol totally dating myself). Bottom line is now as an adult I have my moments when I can put that VCR back together and it comes back to life. Tech 915 is here to help with your PC & Laptop repairs. We will always stand true to our values.

-Your privacy is paramount

-6 month warranty on labor

-We honor repeat customers with priority service

-If we don't fix your PC you don't pay for our time

-We will always keep you up to date with the service we are providing. You will not be blind to the work we are doing

-We will never discriminate you against race, sex, religion, financial status, or any other "status"